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Done for my LACII class in school. Please enjoy.

If you're human, then you probably have issues. You probably have many ways you could fix them, but why don't you? Because it isn't "right"? What is "right" and "wrong"? I've asked myself that question countless times. But now it's time for an answer. The answer to the universal question: Why? Why do we do what we do? Why do we love who we love and hate who we hate? We are all broken people…you want to know what I believe? I believe we need a doctor.

Doctor who, you might ask? You're right on track. Who could mend the wounds left by the entire human race, all across time? The answer: Nobody. Nobody can fix everything, make us perfect again. But everybody can help. When you hear a lost or hurt child crying out for help, what do you do? Do you ignore them and walk past? Pity them but continue on your way? Or do you sympathize, and help the dear child? I have always been a broken person, and I am fully aware of such. I have always sympathized with an injured child…but how often do you empathize? You may think the two are the same…but there is a difference between feeling sorry for someone else, and actually becoming them. How do you do that, though? Experience. First-hand experience.

Were you ever lonely? Ever lost, sad, or hurt? What did you do? Did you sit in a corner and cry, waiting for someone to notice you? Or did you cry out, plead with those around you for the tiniest speck of hope, of help, of love? You probably begged for pity. But what if the situation were reversed? If you found a child, sitting alone, away from the public, what would you do? You have three choices: ignorance; sympathy; and empathy. You may walk past. You may care for the child, ask them what is wrong. Or, you can put yourself in their situation. You can truly help them. You can become the doctor.

I was almost always the second-type person. If I found a crying child, I would be saddened at the sight, and feel sorry for them, but I wanted the image to be gone from my mind, so as not to sadden myself. I never truly empathized. I never put myself in their place. But then, not two months ago today, I found truth in the unlikeliest of places: a TV show. You've probably heard of it, even if you don't watch it. It's called Doctor Who. You might look at a commercial and think, "Oh, it looks like just another Sci-Fi show about a handsome man who saves his girlfriend from aliens every single time, no big deal." But then you watch it…and it becomes so much more than saving a damsel in distress from aliens.

The Doctor, as he is known, is in fact an alien himself; he is what is known as a Time Lord. They are humanoid creatures with mostly just one difference from humans: they have two hearts. But their culture is vastly different; they use time machines to travel through and govern time, making sure everyone stays in their place. But then there was a war. And they all died. Except for the Doctor. He was left, alone in the universe. So he traveled throughout space and time, looking for others like himself, people who wanted to help other people. He is called the Doctor, not because he gives people medicine, but because he makes people better. You look at him, you watch him on his mission, and you feel immersed in his adventures. You feel the excitement, the intrigue of past and future times…and you realize that there's so much more you could be doing.

Many times throughout history, the human race has been endangered as a whole, because not only of aliens, but of themselves as well. We all know there are bad people in the world. The Doctor does not fight the enemy and tell him off; he protects the innocent. You look at him, as I have done, and you wish you could be him, or someone like him. You envy all his futuristic gadgets and travels through time…but envy aside, you realize that the only thing stopping yourself from becoming the Doctor is yourself. Why not leave your home to search for those in need and to help them? Because you're too worried for your own safety! Was the Doctor ever worried about himself? No! And so, neither shall I.

You don't need a swanky bowtie or a high-tech screwdriver to help people. You don't need money or power. All you need is willpower and a good heart—or, in the Doctor's case, two. You may ask me what I have done so far to help people. Me? I have done nothing. Absolutely nothing. But that doesn't mean I won't do anything. Right now, I can focus on those around me, my family and friends, and help them through their problems. (And nobody ever said you couldn't look great doing it!) Cooking, cleaning, relationships, mental stability…I have familiarized myself with all aspects of life and plan to do something about it! I will give help to those who need it; I will shine light onto those in the dark; and I will tend to the injured. Because I can be the Doctor.
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